By:Teach 313 | October 4, 2019

As the school year picks up, it can be difficult for teachers to find time to connect and, most importantly, unwind. There are assignments to grade, lessons to plan and classes to lead. That is why facilitating social events for local educators is such an important part of our work at Teach 313. Like many professionals, teachers need a place to connect with others in their field, celebrate each others’ work, and have fun.

With this in mind, we recently hosted the Summer’s Over: Back-to-School Kick-Off event at the Detroit Shipping Company in midtown Detroit. It was a refreshing experience that allowed the Teach 313 team to meet passionate local teachers, share information about teacher-exclusive discounts and incentives (also available on our mobile app!) and give away a few cool prizes in the process.

The event also provided attendees with an opportunity to connect with other teachers from schools across Detroit. It can be easy for people to get stuck in their own professional or social bubbles, and we hope that events like this allow our city’s teachers to share their experiences and learn from one another. Throughout the evening we met teachers from DPSCD and charter schools working in grade levels from early childhood education to high school. All school districts and experiences levels were represented, connected and engaged.

But, not all of the event’s attendees were currently teaching. Our team was excited to meet a few community members who have a passion for education but are still searching for their path to the classroom. If you or someone you know is thinking about becoming a teacher but are unsure of how to get a start in the profession, check out our website for more information on Michigan’s requirements and processes.

We were also proud to partner with The Detroit Teachers’ Store during the event. Currently located within Detroit Sip on Detroit’s west side, DTS is owned and operated by Ingrid Macon, a local entrepreneur and math teacher in the city. Through her experience in the classroom, Ingrid knows first-hand how challenging it can be for educators to find learning resources for their students that are both effective and affordable. That is why DTS focuses on offering unique products that help make learning fun and accessible for students and teachers. Best of all, Ingrid hosted a pop-up shop during the event, enabling attendees to walk away with resources that could make an impact in the lives of their students the very next day.

The highlight of the evening came when we awarded a $75 Detroit Teachers’ Store gift card to the winner of our classroom support contest, Jennifer Lavender-Schott. Jennifer’s entry shared her need for new classroom resources as she makes a transition from teaching kindergarten to the first grade at a new school. We can’t wait to see how Jennifer uses the funds to benefit her students’ learning experiences!

With classes fully back in session, we’re grateful for all of the teachers and community members who took the time to join us for the Kick-Off event. Best of luck on a successful and productive school year!

Are you hosting a teacher or education-focused event in Detroit? Let us know! Connect with us on social media (@teach_313) or send us a message at connect@teach313.com.

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