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We have Opportunities for all Educators

Whether you’re certified to teach in Michigan, another state, or not certified and looking to teach in Detroit, we’re happy to have you. Use the resources below to find a place to make a difference or get certified in Michigan.

Certified In Michigan?

Certified and Ready to Teach?

The Teach 313 Common Application is the best way for certified educators to get connected with teaching opportunities in the city. If you are certified (or will be soon) in Michigan or another state and are looking to teach in Detroit for the 2020-2021 school year, complete and application and a member of the Teach 313 team will follow-up with next steps.

Certified, but not in Michigan?

Want to Teach here but not certified locally? No problem! The Michigan Department of Education has you covered. Download this PDF, and you’ll be on your way to teaching in Detroit in no time.

Want to teach, but not certified?

Feeling called to teach and inspire a new generation? No matter if you’re looking to switch careers or start a career all together, we welcome you to Detroit. Start your path below.